Third Party Administration


Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company is authorized as a Third Party Administrator in 47 states and the District of Columbia*. We provide administrative services to unaffiliated life insurance companies and holding company systems. We offer a full range of services and will be happy to design a program to suit your individual needs.

All services are performed using a mainframe system developed by Investors Heritage for the administration of its own insurance business products. Real time access to all mainframe and image systems is provided through a secure Virtual Private Network on a 24/7 basis. Through the VPN third party clients can access account information, perform data queries, product reports, audit processes and perform customer service functions. All paper communications with policyholders are imaged to allow for maximum data protection and security.

For more information on our Administrative Services, please contact:
Jim Smith
Vice President, Corporate Development



  • Traditional Life (Full and Simplified Underwriting)
  • Telephone interviews
  • Vendor partnerships
  • Policy Administration
  • Service to agents and policyholders
  • Policy changes by request of the policyholder
  • Billing and premium processing
  • Policy Reinstatements
  • Dividend processing
  • Surrender and loan processing
  • Correspondence
  • Proprietary tracking system
  • Accounting
  • Premium, commission and reinsurance accounting
  • Policy accounting
  • Account reconciliations
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Participation in audit process
  • Tax return preparation
  • Benefit Payments
  • Verification of claims
  • Investigation within contestable periods
  • Payments of claims
  • Payments available by ACH

New Business

  • Policy Production/ Policy Issue / Policy Delivery
  • Creation of policy structure
  • Creation of commission structure
  • Information stored on proprietary imaging system
  • Commission Processing
  • EIN # verification
  • Licensing verification
  • Setup, payment and tax information
  • Payment by ACH
  • Payment of general expenses
  • 1099 processing
  • Actuarial Support
  • In-house actuary and support staff
  • Calculation of Statutory, GAAP and tax reserves
  • Maintenance of reserve system
  • Financial Statement preparation
  • Asset adequacy analysis
  • Other required actuarial certifications
  • Forms, Supplies & Printing
  • Support and assistance in creation of forms
  • Commercial printing by our own Heritage Printing
* Not authorized as a TPA in Maine.