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Field Management Team

Regional Director
Mobile: 502-262-7820
Toll Free: 800-422-2011 ext. 4378
Email: rgoodin@ihlic.com

IHLIC family member since 1993.
Regional Director
Mobile: 606-524-8874
Toll Free: 800-422-2011 ext. 4393
Email: lcox@ihlic.com

IHLIC family member since 1977.
Regional Director, Licensed Funeral Director
Mobile: 706-987-3404
Toll Free: 800-422-2011, ext. 4380
Email: tfuller@ihlic.com

IHLIC family member since 2014.

Regional Director
Mobile: 910-592-8331
Toll Free: 800.422.2011, ext. 4389
Email: gunderwood@ihlic.com

IHLIC family member since 1974.
Regional Director
Mobile: 828-779-2810
Toll Free: 800-422-2011 ext. 4393
Email: brice@ihlic.com

IHLIC family member since 1990.
Regional Director
Mobile: 859-444-3110
Toll Free: 800-422-2011 ext. 4388
Email: bphilpot@ihlic.com

IHLIC family member since 1984.
Regional Director
Mobile: 859-338-3548
Toll Free: 800-422-2011 ext. 4385
Email: dducharme@ihlic.com

IHLIC family member since 1994.
Regional Director, Licensed Funeral Director
Mobile: 615-418-6276
Toll Free: 800-422-20011, ext. 4391
Email: jslatton@ihlic.com

IHLIC family member since 2009.  Regional Director since 2015.

Regional Preneed Director
Mobile: 330-618-4148
Toll Free: 800-422-2011 ext. 4384
Email: tpjohnson@ihlic.com

IHLIC family member since 2009.

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer

Harry Lee Waterfield II has been employed by the Company and been a Director since its inception in 1963, and he has served in numerous capacities. Currently he serves as our President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. He has also served as president of a national trade association and has been heavily involved in various issues that affect not only our Company but the entire industry.  Mr. Waterfield brings valuable insight and knowledge to the Board due to his service as President and Chairman for the last 24 years.  Further, his years of experience and his background provide him with extensive knowledge of our Company and its operations.

George Burgess George R Burgess

Harold Doran Harold G Doran

Harold G. Doran, Jr. received his degree from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, and has had over 20 years of successful experience in the financial services industry with several banking organizations, primarily Peoples Bank, Murray, Kentucky.  Mr. Doran possesses valuable business knowledge gained from his responsibilities in overseeing all operations, performance, reporting, financial metrics and regulatory processes involved in the financial services industry.  He has been a Director of our Company since 2001 and is skilled at analyzing risks, audit procedures, financial reporting as well as providing broad-based business knowledge.
Robert M Hardy, Jr

Robert M. Hardy, Jr. has been employed by Investors Heritage Life since 1987 and he has been a Director of both companies since 1988.  Mr. Hardy is a lawyer and serves as Vice President and General Counsel for both the Company and Investors Heritage Life.  Mr. Hardy has extensive experience in various corporate, securities and regulatory matters. He has also served as president of a national insurance trade association and has been heavily involved in numerous state and national issues affecting the Company as well as the insurance industry as a whole.

Gordon C Duke

Since December 8, 2003, Mr. Duke has been an independent businessman. From November 1, 2008 to December, 2010, he served as a consultant and as Vice President for Nucleus:  Kentucky’s Life Sciences and Innovation Center, LLC, Louisville, Kentucky.  Mr. Duke has also served in various capacities for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, most significantly as Secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet under three different administrations.  He has also served as State Budget Director and was a Commissioner in the Cabinet for Economic Development.  Additionally, Mr. Duke served for five years as Executive Vice President for the Webb Companies, a national real estate development firm.  Mr. Duke’s experience and knowledge of public and private finance is extensive and provides him with a basis for his understanding of our companies and the ability to provide risk assessment and financial reporting expertise.

David W Reed

David W. Reed has been a Director since 1982 and has extensive experience in numerous businesses, primarily owning and operating mineral resource mining and transportation businesses. In addition, from 1975-2003 he served as a Director for several financial institutions. His background and training allow him to provide significant guidance with respect to risk assessment and financial reporting as well as with significant corporate organization decisions. His background and experience with a regulated business also provide him with beneficial insight into our operations.

Michael F Dudgeon, Jr

Michael F. Dudgeon, Jr. has been a Director of the Company since 2004 and a Director of Investors Heritage Life since 1988.  Investors Heritage Life employed Mr. Dudgeon from 1994 through April 2012.  In addition to being a Director, he also served in various capacities for Investors Heritage Life including Vice President - Agency and Vice President of Investors Heritage Financial Services Group.  Mr. Dudgeon has experience on the agency/marketing side of the business in ordinary sales, preneed sales and credit insurance sales and the markets within which our Company operates.  He also has extensive knowledge of our companies.   He is currently President of Legacy Insurance Services, LLC, an insurance agency located in Frankfort, Kentucky.  

Helen S Wagner

Helen S. Wagner has been a Director since 1986.  For more than 20 years she was the owner of a real estate brokerage firm and she possesses practical business experience from owning and operating her brokerage business.  Further, she brings extensive experience to our Board in matters involving real estate markets.

Home Office

Home  Office Home Office

March Madness in the Home Office. 

Some of the Investors Heritage family showing their team spirit during the NCAA tournament and before the game between the Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals.  Lots of blue and a bit of red (including one Iowa State fan.)!