We are pleased to reintroduce our Heritage Final Expense 2 product (HFE2).  
HFE2 applications will be accepted beginning April 15, 2016.  The Heritage FX will be discontinued May 31, 2016. 
 This will replace our current Heritage FX plan.  The HFE2 plan was sold previously from 2008 - 2013.  A short product description is included below. 
Applications and other necessary forms are available on the Doorways Agent Portal. 
Click the "Agent Login" link in the right corner above to login or create an account.  In addition to applications and forms, this user-friendly portal provides active, appointed agents with access to in-force and pending policy information, processed and pending claim information, current and past commission statements.  Quotes for various products may be generated and stored for up to six months and applications and other forms may be uploaded to the home office through the portal. 
HFE2 quotes may be generated at http://quotes.ihlic.com/ordinary/.  We'll notify you when the quote is available on the portal.

Please review the agent guide carefully.  If you have any questions, contact your IHLIC manager or the Home Office Agency Department (800.422.2011, ext. 6501). 
Be aware that the Heritage FE2 includes a production requirement.  Each producer must have at least three full benefit policies issued for each reduced benefit policy issued.  Be sure to use the appropriate quote and application as both the HFE2 and the HFX will be available from now until May 31.  
Minimal underwriting is required for the HFE2 and it is performed in-house by Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company employees.  Phone interviews will be performed by our home office Focus Underwriting Department on all applications for Full Benefit Applications.  

We appreciate your association with Investors Heritage Life over the years and feel confident that you will find our Heritage Final Expense 2 product to be a benefit to you and your clients.  We are returning to this product after hearing from many of you.  We hope this change will lead to an increase in your final expense production with us.  Please remember our current Heritage FX product will be discontinued on May 31, 2016.