Final Expense

We all have "to do” lists. Most of the items can be checked off pretty easily. Grocery, mow lawn, laundry, etc. We spend most of our time on these to do lists. But "Life Lists” included those long-term goals we have for our family’s financial security. Often we push these goals aside for "someday” as we move through our daily "to do” lists. Life insurance is an important part of that plan.

Planning for your end of life expenses and your family’s security in your absence is probably not at the top of your "to-do”. No one wants to think about it- so it’s pushed to "someday”. But it’s the responsible thing to do. The Heritage Final Expense 2 (HFE2) plan makes checking life insurance off your life list painless - quick, easy and affordable.

The HFE2 provides a guaranteed death benefit that allows you to provide your family a tax-free source of funds in your absence. The death benefit proceeds can be used by your family to pay for end of life expenses, outstanding debts you may leave behind or ongoing expenses they will have in your absence. Plan now and be confident that these cost will not be a burden to your family.


  • Guaranteed Death Benefit: Death benefits are guaranteed and will not decrease. The benefit is a tax-free benefit to your beneficiary. (Reduced plan pays a reduced death benefit in first three policy years.)
  • Guaranteed Premiums: Your level premiums are guaranteed to never increase.
  • Guaranteed Non-Cancellable: Your policy cannot be cancelled by the company as long as you pay the premiums when due.
  • Guaranteed Cash Value: Your policy builds guaranteed cash value that can be borrowed against in the case of financial emergency.


  • Issue ages 0 – 80
  • No medical exam
  • Simple application
  • Full and Reduced benefit plans offered to insure a wide range and various medical histories
  • Available in amounts from $2,000 to $25,000 for ages 0-65, $2,000 to $15,000 for ages 66-80.
  • Various payment options and methods available to suit your needs. Automatic Bank Withdrawal, MasterCard, Visa and Direct Express Debit Cards accepted.
Please contact Investors Heritage to locate an authorized agent in your area.